Pro-Life Democrats Urge the Biden Administration to Adhere to Longstanding Conscience Protections for Healthcare Workers

By Sophie Trist

DFLA is deeply disappointed that the Department of Justice has dropped a lawsuit against the University of Vermont Medical Center, filed on behalf of a nurse who was forced to participate in an abortion despite moral objections. 

The DOJ has essentially decided that conscience protections do not apply to pro-life Americans, who make up nearly 50% of the electorate. No one should ever be forced to participate in a medical procedure that they see as the violent killing of a fellow human being. This failure to protect the rights of pro-life Americans amounts to a betrayal of the fundamental democratic values of freedom, civil rights, and the longstanding protection of conscience rights.

This decision by the DOJ will embolden abortion extremists to push their agenda against healthcare workers who want to save lives, not end them. We call on the Administration to at the very least respect and uphold conscience protections for the millions of citizens who oppose abortion and recognize the value of fetal life.

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