Democrats For Life Condemns Senator Casey’s Votes to Appease Abortion Lobby  

 Washington D.C.- Democrats For Life of America has expressed concern and disappointment over Senator Casey’s votes against the prohibition of abortion after 20 weeks, voting against protections for down-syndrome babies, and allowing taxpayer funding of abortion.

“It is a sad day. Senator Casey has officially sold his soul to the abortion lobby voting for abortion funding, killing viable preborn infants after 20 weeks, and voting to allow ending the lives of children with down syndrome,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life. “What would his father say?”
Democrats For Life of America eagerly endorsed Bob Casey, Jr. when he ran for Senate in 2006, thinking he would carry on the legacy and integrity of Governor Bob Casey, Sr., his father. Governor Casey was a vocal advocate for life and was prevented from speaking at the 1992 Democratic Convention because of those beliefs.
“One has to wonder what Senator Casey was promised by the abortion lobby to make this shameful flip-flop on abortion,” said Day. “Senator Casey told me he wanted to help elect more Democrats after he attended an Emily’s List fundraiser. It is clear to me that he now puts abortion extremism over the good of the Party. I question the excuse he gave me.”
Casey contributed to Emily’s List, a group that elects women who support abortion extremism. In a meeting with Day, Casey said he donated to Emily’s List to elect more Democrats. Day suggested that there were other ways to support Democrats running for office, including investing in pro-life Democrats.
“His votes yesterday will assist Republicans to win more seats in the mid-terms since a majority of Americans oppose his radical positions on abortion,” said Day. “There has to be something more to his drastic change from opposition to abortion to unreserved support for abortion. I have requested a meeting with Senator Casey to gain an understanding of what he meant when he said he was still with us on Hyde. He cannot call himself a Pro-Life Democrat and not give the even most basic protections to the unborn. There really is no justification I can think of for his votes. I am eager to hear what he was to say.”

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