Monica Sparks Will Serve as DFLA's New President, First African-American President in DFLA History

Washington, DC-- Democrats For Life of America is officially announcing that Monica Sparks has been elected to serve as DFLA’s first African-American President. DFLA expresses gratitude to outgoing President Terrisa Bukovinac for her service to our organization and looks forward to Monica’s leadership.
"I am honored to lead DFLA at this critical time," said Monica Sparks. “As a black woman, I sincerely appreciate that DFLA’s mission, to preserve life from womb to tomb, includes an understanding and focus on racial injustices and the needs of minority communities.”
Democrats For Life believes that the role of government is to defend the weak, not the strong. This applies to pre-born human beings as much as it does to immigrants, the poor, and minorities subjected to systemic oppression. A key goal for DFLA this fall is to prevent the overturning of the Hyde Amendment (which allows taxpayer funding of abortion) and promoting a better governmental support system for pregnant women.
“One of our top priorities will be to educate our Party on the racist implications of public funding of abortion,” said Sparks. “Abortion is ending the lives of black babies across the country at an alarming rate. To battle racism, we must end the high abortion rate, but we must also commit to fighting poverty, improving schools, and improving opportunities for all Americans.”
Monica Sparks is a well-known certified business mentoring counselor, entrepreneur, small-business owner, and leader in her community. She is the President of Urban Sparks, an organization that concentrates on community building through assisting small to medium-sized businesses. Monica lives by the mantra, “You cannot lead by pointing your finger; you must lead by moving your feet.”
She views herself as a Democratic servant leader and is the two-term Kent County Commissioner for District 12 in Michigan.
Monica was adopted at the age of eight out of the foster care system by a mother who was a public school teacher and a father who was a preacher and a Purple Heart Korean War Veteran. Her identical twin sister is a Republican. Monica is blessed to know that “not every Democrat is my friend and not every Republican is my enemy.” This mentality offers Monica the ability to be a bridge-builder, seeing people and issues through a larger lens to work towards more just and equitable results.
“DFLA is incredibly excited about Monica’s leadership,” said Kristen Day, executive director, Democrats For Life. “We are entering a new chapter in our organization and a bright future under Monica's leadership.”
Monica will serve as a spokesperson for DFLA and work to launch two new initiatives by DFLA: our Pro-Life Democrats Legislative Caucus and our Hispanic Outreach Committee.
“I will be part of the solution to create an environment where Democrats feel free to stand on the truth that life is precious not to some but to all,” said Sparks.
Democrats for Life of America’s mission is to defend Universal Human Rights within the Democratic Party and elect Whole Life Democrats. DFLA seeks to end the influence of systems of pervasive injustice, particularly the mass lethal injustice of abortion, to build a life-affirming culture within the Democratic Party, in communities, and in the United States.

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