Democrats For Life Opposes the Reprehensible and Grossly Misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act  

Statement by Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life of America

The House is gearing up to consider H.R.3755, the “Women's Health Protection Act.” Democrats For Life of America strongly urges a no vote on this anti-women, anti-safety legislation.

This proposed legislation would enshrine violence against the preborn in American law and put women’s lives and health at risk. It codifies Roe in a reckless and dangerous way in direct contradiction to the name of the bill itself.

It would eliminate virtually all state-level abortion-related health and safety regulations including protection to prevent ending the lives of viable preborn infants and laws designed to protect pregnant women. 

Loosening safety requirements for abortion clinics, allowing medical staff who are not physicians to perform abortions, and cutting counseling requirements are just some of the ways in which this law will do irreparable physical and mental harm to pregnant people. 

We urge all members of Congress to vote against it. The only thing the Women’s Health Protection Act will protect is the big abortion industry.

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