Democrats Oppose Governor Whitmer’s Veto of Programs to Support Pregnant Women Urges An Increase in Funding and an Expansion of Support

 Washington, D.C., September 30, 2021 -- Democrats For Life of America expresses dismay at Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer for vetoing funding for programs that support pregnant women and parenting families. They urge expanding not eliminating critical resources.
“Studies show the main reason women have an abortion is that they feel the pressure of not having enough resources,” said Monica Sparks, President of Democrats For Life of America and a Kent County Commissioner. “Governor Whitmer’s cuts to funding for pregnant and parenting women does a great disservice to empowering and supporting parents.”
The Governor’s office vetoed by line item $16 million in funding for programs that:
  • encourage adoption as an alternative to abortion;
  • target diverse areas to refer women for support;
  • provide direct support to pregnant and parenting families;
  • support pregnant and parenting students; and
  • promote childbirth, alternatives to abortion, and grief counseling.
“The Governor’s actions will negatively impact women who have unplanned or crisis pregnancies,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America. “By vetoing these essential funding streams, it puts Democrats in Michigan on the trajectory of being a pro-abortion party, not a pro-choice party.”
The Democratic Party nationally has embraced a more aggressive abortion agenda. The U.S. House recently passed a bill to eliminate all regulations and limits on abortion. The Party and its leaders have a growing intolerance for pro-life Democratic voters, candidates, and legislators. 
“We are seeing more intolerance and discrimination toward pro-life democratic candidates nationwide,” said Day. “The Governor of Michigan is expanding this intolerance toward pregnant women who do want abortion as a solution to unplanned or crisis pregnancy.”
A majority of Michiganders would like to see abortion rare and a majority support reasonable regulation of abortion.
“By vetoing these critical programs, the Governor ignores the will of the voters,” said Sparks.  “It is disappointing to see that as a woman and mother, Governor Whitmer is not concerned for all of her constituents and clearly does not see the value in providing direct support for pregnant and parenting families. Her actions will be a detriment to pregnant women and put more pre-born lives at risk of elimination.”

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