Pro-Life Democrats Ask Terry McAuliffe to Make a Case for Their Vote

Fairfax, VA, October 14, 2021 -- The Virginia election is just three weeks away, and pro-life Democrats are deeply concerned about former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s abortion record. 

In a recent opinion piece, Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America and Virginia resident Kristen Day challenged McAuliffe to make a case for pro-life Democrats to vote for him. This comes after Ms. Day has heard increasing numbers of pro-life Democrats feeling that they cannot cast a vote in support of McAuliffe. 

“It is shocking to me that a party that defends the most vulnerable is once again advancing a candidate that will not defend the most vulnerable,” said Fairfax resident Thea Rossi Barron. “I cannot in good conscience support a candidate who supports taxpayer funding of abortion and shows no respect for the dignity of unborn children.”

Day noted in her opinion piece that “Virginia pro-life Democrats have already witnessed the effect of an abortion-rights Governor and an abortion-rights majority.” The Virginia legislature went against the norms of the Democratic policies that advocate for health and safety regulations and instead eliminated a majority of regulations governing abortion including requiring ultrasounds which are necessary to determine fetal age prior to abortion. Pro-abortion Democratic Governor Ralph Northum signed the bill into law.

“Pro-life Democrats are deeply concerned about the radical shift by the Democratic Party to push deregulation of abortion while at the same time pushing for increased funding for abortion providers,” said Day. “A majority of Democrats and independents want to see the focus on reducing abortion and supporting parents. McAuliffe is providing no assurances to those voters and is alienating them.”

McAuliffe promised to be a “brick wall” to protect and promote abortion in a recent debate.

“When Terry McAuliffe said Delegate Kathy Tran’s radical abortion bill, which she admitted would allow abortion throughout the third trimester and as late as dilation, was common sense, I knew I couldn’t vote for him,” said Craig Rew of Richmond, Virginia. “For me, it was common sense. We cannot afford another term with a pro-abortion governor who will continue to make abortion less safe. Abortion already takes the life of one; we don’t want it to take the life of two.”

“McAuliffe has left us politically homeless and without a candidate who wants our vote,” said Day. “Three weeks remain in this close race, with a lot of pro-life Democrat and independent votes up for grabs.” 

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