Fairfax, VA. November 3, 2021- In the deep blue state of Virginia, Republican Glen Youngkin is now the Governor-elect after dramatically outperforming what any Republican has done statewide here in years. He delivered a victory that has sent a shockwave around the nation.
“We warned Terry McAuliffe that advocating for abortion and being a ‘brick wall’ for the abortion lobby would turn away Democratic and Independent voters who prefer a more moderate approach,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrat For Life. “After witnessing the current Governor’s actions on abortion, McAuliffe’s pledge to expand abortion further was deeply concerning.”
The Democratic-controlled legislature removed health and safety regulations concerning abortion under Governor Ralph Northam. Governor Northam further alienated voters when he flippantly stated that if a baby survived an abortion you had the “choice” to let the baby die. In his campaign, McAuliffe advocated both for public funding of abortion and for eliminating the remaining regulations on abortion.
“Democrats For Life encouraged Terry McAuliffe to make the case to pro-life Democratic and to earn their vote,” said Day. “One-third of Democrats are pro-life, and they oppose the radical abortion agenda that McAuliffe wanted to advance. McAuliffe miscalculated and believed that this constituency does not matter.”
With the mid-terms looming, the outcome of this race should send warnings signs to the Democratic leadership. Historically, the party in power loses seats in the mid-term. Polls predict that this will be the case in 2022 due to President Biden’s low approval ratings.
“Pro-Life Democrats will continue to advocate for whole life policies, including paid family leave, affordable child care, and programs that will provide women with real choice,” said Day. “If Party leadership continues to advance taxpayer funding of abortion and late-term abortions, the losses will continue. Abortion kills preborn children and Democrat’s electoral prospects. Democrats should remember as we get closer to 2022 that they can advocate a different approach, one that is both pro-women and pro-life.”

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