Democrats For Life Demands Meeting with DNC Party Chair After Devastating Losses in Virginia

Washington, D.C.–Democrats For Life of America sent a letter to DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison today on behalf of elected pro-life Democrats and pro-life Democratic activists to request a meeting.

“I first requested a meeting last March so Chairman Harrison could gain a better understanding of what motivates pro-life democratic voters,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America. “Pro-life Democrats who win in red and purple districts would be able to provide valuable insight to the new Chairman. He has not responded to multiple requests.”

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) refused to set up a meeting with representatives from Democrats For Life and the elected officials who wanted to help build up a stronger Democratic party, especially in competitive states. Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAulliffe lost after taking a strongly pro-abortion stance.

“We should not right off red and purple states simply because we perceive them as unreachable,” said Day. “A CNN poll indicated that abortion was an issue that hurt McAulliffe.  Running the right person for the seat makes those districts and states winnable.”

Democrats For Life is requesting a meeting because we remain hopeful about what we as Democrats can achieve together when we speak with each other. Democrats For Life believes in constructive dialogue which is why we have persisted in asking for this meeting even while the party has shown us significant disrespect. 

“I am hopeful that the Chairman will agree to meet and recognize the value of a big tent approach to building a Party,” said Day. “Diversity and inclusion is the foundation of our Party.  The Chairman has not been true to those values with respect to pro-life voters and elected officials.”

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