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Fairfax, VA. November 3, 2021- In the deep blue state of Virginia, Republican Glen Youngkin is now the Governor-elect after dramatically outperforming what any Republican has done statewide here in years. He delivered a victory that has sent a shockwave around the nation.   “We warned Terry McAuliffe that advocating for abortion and being a ‘brick wall’ for the abortion lobby would turn away Democratic and Independent voters who prefer a more moderate approach,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrat For Life. “After witnessing the current Governor’s actions on abortion, McAuliffe’s pledge to expand abortion further was deeply concerning.”   The Democratic-controlled...


Phony Progressives Ditch Democrat for Stance on Life 

Morristown, NJ–Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) is very disappointed that NJ 11th for Change has decided to revoke the endorsement of AJ Oliver because of his pro-life views. Mr. Oliver’s county has not had a Democrat win a county-wide race since the 1970’s. NJ 11th for Change would rather have a Republican in office than a progressive champion for human rights. “This is really bad politics on the part of NJ 11 for Change,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life. “It alienates centrist voters and risks Democratic defeat. It’s one thing to quietly withdraw an endorsement. It is quite another to launch a public smear campaign against a candidate with whom you agree...

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Pro-Life Democrats Ask Terry McAuliffe to Make a Case for Their Vote

Fairfax, VA, October 14, 2021 -- The Virginia election is just three weeks away, and pro-life Democrats are deeply concerned about former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s abortion record.  In a recent opinion piece, Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America and Virginia resident Kristen Day challenged McAuliffe to make a case for pro-life Democrats to vote for him. This comes after Ms. Day has heard increasing numbers of pro-life Democrats feeling that they cannot cast a vote in support of McAuliffe.  “It is shocking to me that a party that defends the most vulnerable is once again advancing a candidate that will not defend the most vulnerable,” said Fairfax resident Thea...

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