Democrats for Life of America Withdraws Endorsement of  Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate

 Fairfax, VA — Democrats For Life of America formally withdrew our endorsement of Gubernatorial Candidate and political newcomer Yolanda Flowers.
“Ms. Flowers sought DFLA endorsement for her gubernatorial race by posing as a pro-life Democrat,” explained Director Kristen Day, “The organization spent significant time and resources working to further her campaign. We were profoundly shocked when she started issuing confusing statements and ultimately changed her position to pro-choice.”
Flowers filled out the DFLA candidate questionnaire and was initially proud of the pro-life endorsement. 
“This lack of courage and integrity by the candidate only harms the Alabama Democratic Party and their efforts to win seats. Democrats cannot address the problems of poverty, poor educational opportunities, and justice for the underserved if there is an expectation that every candidate must support abortion,” continued Day.
Registered Democrats represent 35% of the electorate. A Pew pollindicates that 58% of Alabama voters believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. One in four of the voters who oppose abortion identify as Democrats. Democrats hold only 8 of 35 seats in the state senate and 28 seats out of 105 in the state house.
“It saddens me that Yolanda Flowers has rescinded on her pro-life stance," said Rev. Harriet Bradley, Director of African American Outreach for DFLA. “It is important as a Democrat to fight for the life of the unborn as well as the mother. Statistics say that 1 in 4 Democrats are pro-life. Those Democrats deserve to have a Democratic candidate that will not only fight for the unborn but will fight for the mother by sponsoring issues like healthcare, paid leave, and childcare benefits.”
"In a year where Republicans are heavily favored, a moderate position of a meaningful safe, legal and rare position with expanded support for pregnant women would have gained traction with the Alabama electorate. Overall this push for radical abortion values indicates a lack of seriousness for Democrats in this red state.”

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